All The Secret Tricks Chefs Don't Want You To Know -


All the secret tricks chefs don't want you to know

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All The Secret Tricks Chefs Don't Want You To Know

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to let you in on many of the secret techniques chefs are using these days in order to plate up elaborate style dishes. We will break down the techniques below so you guys will be steak up fancy meals at home without having to break the bank.

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02:50- Sous Vide

05:02- Veggies

05:52- Puree

07:15- Fluid Gel

09:46- Frying

10:40- Beet Tartare

12:10 - Powders

12:52- Knife Skills

13:45- Reduction

14:49 - Plating

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These days chefs are the new rockstars, people are buying seats at fancy restaurants all around the world to sample elaborate and mind-blowing dishes that are executed with precision! Although we do enjoy a good fancy dining experience, these dinners (and their price tags) do have a way of intimidating the average cook!



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