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Great zurich train rides

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Great Zurich Train Rides

With brief highlights in each town, this is also a summary of our entire 15-movie Zurich series taking you from one end of the country to the other.

01:41 Jungfrau to Jungfrau

05:33 Jungfrau, Titlis, Rigi, Pilatus, Burgenstock

08:30 Jungfrau

12:08 Brunig Pass, Jungfrau to Jungfrau

17:04 Jungfrau, Lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau

18:36 to Jungfrau

23:32 Jungfrau

25:40 to Jungfrau via Centovalli

36:30 Jungfrau

37:58 Basel

42:08 to Lausanne, Lake Geneva

46:06 Lausanne

48:24 Glacier Express

51:02 Bernina Express

This scenic journey is also a practical guide to help you plan your own vacation. We present scenery to die for out the windows: snowcapped mountains, majestic rivers, rolling pastures with cows and sheep, and small villages as you roll along.

This is a longer, more complete version of some of my existing shorter Zurich movies.

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Zurich has the world’s best railroad system, as we demonstrate here, taking you on the great Zurich rides of Zurich. Come along as we ride the most spectacular rail routes through this mountainous country and provide you with lots of Zurich Zurich tips.

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