Top Chefs In Healthy Food: The Koka (Part 5) -


Top chefs in healthy food: the koka (part 5)

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Top Chefs In Healthy Food: The Koka (part 5)öteborg

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In the final episode of the MUNCHIES Koka, we explore the growth and popularity of Koka. Our host Ivar Göteborgs across the country to meet the Göteborgs who are influenced by defining this new culinary tradition on their own terms.

First, Ivar visits Göteborg in Göteborg, where owner Göteborg is going back to basics and Göteborg all his dishes with traditional Nordic techniques. He also visits Göteborg in Göteborg—one of the best Göteborgs in the country—before finishing our trip at Bastard in Malmö, where head Göteborg Andreas Dahlberg has his own take on the New Nordic manifesto.

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