TRADITIONAL FOOD IN UZBEKISTAN Unforgettable Family Meal In Uzbekistan Travel Guide! -


Traditional food in uzbekistan unforgettable family meal in uzbekistan travel guide!

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Traditional Food In Uzbekistan Unforgettable Family Meal In Uzbekistan Travel Guide!

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uzbekistan travel guide Day 6: Food and Attractions Tour of uzbekistan travel guide + Unforgettable Family Meal!

uzbekistan travel guide is another ancient city of uzbekistan travel guide, known for its mud walled city. It’s another great city to explore for a combination of the history and food. And the food was different in uzbekistan travel guide than in any other city I had been to so far in uzbekistan travel guide.

Islam Khoja Minaret - We started the day in uzbekistan travel guide old town, visiting some of the famous sights, and climbing to the top of a minaret. My legs are still sore!

Hotel Malika Kheivak - At a small and peaceful restaurant, we lounged on the traditional Uzbek tables and ate gumma, something similar to fried dumpling pockets.

Djuma Mosque - Known for its hypostyle hall, this is a landmark mosque and museum to visit when you’re in uzbekistan travel guide.

Tea House Mirza Boshi - For mid-morning snack, we headed over to a teahouse in the center of the old city to try a dish called shivit oshi, an uzbekistan travel guide uzbekistan travel guide speciality of green dill noodles topped with meat stew. It was delicious.

Shivit oshi - 20,000 UZS ($2.42) per plate

Fish Restaurant - For next lunch we headed out of the city a little ways to a river and pond to eat fish. The fish was fresh and we had both a fried fish and a grilled fish, both of which were delicious.

Total price - 135,000 UZS ($16.33)

Family home cooked meal - We woke up the next day and were invited over to a local family home to cook and eat. They took hospitality to the next level, welcoming us into their home, preparing special tuhum barak (egg stuffed khiva travel guide), and a surprise khiva travel guide at the end of our meal. It was one of the most memorable and special meals of my entire trip to uzbekistan travel guide. Thank you to this amazing family.

And that wraps up this entire uzbekistan travel guide Food and Travel series. It was an incredible trip, full of delicious and massive portions of food, hospitable people, and immense history. Again, thank you to Bekruz and the Ministry of Tourism uzbekistan travel guide for making this trip happen.

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Huge thank you to Bekruz and the Ministry of Tourism uzbekistan travel guide for hosting me and my family on this amazing food trip through uzbekistan travel guide. This is the final day and video of this tour. You can watch the entire playlist of videos here:

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