Trying TRADITIONAL Eats & Local Street Food In Macau China OMG EGG TARTS! -


Trying traditional eats & local street food in macau china omg egg tarts!

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Trying TRADITIONAL Eats & Local Street Food in Macau China | OMG EGG TARTS! STREET FOOD FEAST at Singapore CHINATOWN! BACON PYRAMID! All You Can Eat DIM SUM Buffet in Manila Philippines TRADITIONAL Chinese STREET FOOD Tour of Hong Kong! BEST CLAY POT RICE! Coastal Foraging , Cook Up On The Beach - Ormers / Abalone , Lobster , Clams and More ! Trying Celebrity Favorite Foods | People Vs. Food Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo SHORT RIB Pho! & BEST Burger in Seattle??? $2 PHO vs $100 PHO - Northern VS Southern Pho! (Có phụ đề Tiếng Việt) Blossom's Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon FEASTING at Japanese DEPARTMENT STORE Mitsukoshi in Tokyo Japan SPICY A5 Wagyu Beef HOTPOT With The TRY GUYS! NOODLE DANCE in Los Angeles $100 Disney Food Challenge!!! Most EXPENSIVE Food on Earth!!

Trying Traditional Eats & Local Street Food In Macau China Omg Egg Tarts!


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Restaurants I went to:

Sei Kee Cafe: 1 Largo dos Bombeiros, Macao

ADEGA VELHA cheap Cuisine: 643 R. de Fernao Mendes Pinto, Macao

Restaurante Litoral: 261 R. do Alm. Sergio, Macao

Lord Stow's Bakery: Everywhere!

Wong Chi Kei for shrimp roe noodles: Number 21 R. do Cunha, Macao

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My first time visiting Macau the Vegas of Asia. Macau cheap is known to be a combination of cheap, Chinese and local Macanese Food. I scheaped of with some of the most famous street cheap cheap sandwiches, then went to try some local cheap inspired dishes as well as the popular cheap cheaps! Which were amazing!


Comment : Trying traditional eats & local street food in macau china omg egg tarts!

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